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Our Promise to Consumers:

Our Promise to Consumers from Sense Technologies, Inc. is to continue to develop and offer state-of-the-art, affordable, quality safety products that protect against injury and loss of life from back-over tragedies.  A record number of children’s lives are lost annually as a result of auto-related back-up incidents.  The numbers are staggering and the outcome is heartbreaking, especially knowing that in 7 out of 10 back-over incidents it was a parent, sibling or close family member behind the wheel.

Many of the incidents occur when a toddler, unbeknownst to the parents, is running to catch up with the family car.  The magnitude and depth of the grief that families suffer in these types of tragedies can never be quantified – and the loss can never be recovered.

Headlines such as the ones below have become commonplace:

Father runs over, kills son, 3, Florida
A 3-year-old boy died in the hospital after being run over by his father who was backing his Chevy Suburban out of his driveway in Homestead, FL.

Boy Dies in Accident With SUV, Utah
A 3-year-old Layton, UT boy died Friday when his aunt, scheduled to baby-sit, backed over him in his parents' driveway with a Chevy Blazer. (continued...)

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Please contact your representatives to let them know you support making cars safer for children.  Simply go to and send a message to Congress.  It only takes a few minutes.

Visit the Consumer Union's Web site for more information about new safety features to help prevent back-over deaths.

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